When I was younger, I loved the sound of rain. There was something special and soothing about the smell of an oncoming storm. The sound of rain pounding down on the roof was so calming. And I used to make bets with my brother about how far away the heart of the storm was based on the lighting strike versus the thunder roll. Storms were fun and exciting yet relaxing all rolled into one. Then I became an adult…

As an adult I began to loathe storms. When rain was forecasted I would become tense. Those were the few days I prayed to G-d that my shift would be over before the rain hit. If I wasn't lucky enough to miss out on the storm, I knew exactly what was to come without fail:
the infamous false alarm calls
needless car accidents
flashing traffic signals (traffic control)
downed trees and lines
stalled vehicles
domestic assaults/disturbances

Just shit calls and mayhem. I really hated storms. And to no fail I would come home to something like I did today:

My fur babies just can't handle storms. Yeah, great. I hate drugging them, but sometimes I think it might be best for them. Hell, I medicate myself to get through each day I might as well do the same to them. Night time storms suck the worse. I already have trouble sleeping, so having a 50lb dog walking circles on your chest and neck and drooling in your face as she pants is a little annoying. Then if her almost 40lb sister hears her having a hard time starts growling and you have to keep her little butt from biting the other one with one eye open and the other closed so you can still "sleep" is just no fun.

Anyway, I appreciate the rain, it feeds the crops that provide me food to eat. However, I still don't really like storms. The only reason I don't like them these days, even though I'm no longer a cop, is because of the stress it puts on my dogs. I never knew how much animals were effected by storms until I had these two rescues…. geesh! I'm almost scared to leave the house at the slightest sight of rain because I never know what I'll come home to.


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